We provide our clients with the fastest, most accurate detection and analysis for toxicology testing.

We use the latest technology and instrumentation that can detect even the smallest traces of a wide range of drugs, including some of the newer synthetic drugs. Our lab technicians deliver the most precise readings of drug traces, including opioids, amphetamines, benzodiazepines, synthetic analgesics and other illicit substances. Our extensive test menu tests for 25 drug classes.

Gibson Diagnostic Labs uses Shimadzu® LC-MS/MS instrumentation for unmatched productivity and performance for our quantitative testing.

For years, Shimadzu has been known as the leader in liquid chromatography products. They offer the world’s fastest LC-MS/MS instrumentation without compromising sensitivity. The added UFsweeper II technology dramatically enhances sensitivity and reliability for trace level analysis and a wide range of challenging applications. The higher sensitivity of LC-MS/MS allows for better detection of specific drugs and metabolites using a minimal volume of specimen. The need for specimen re-tests due to insufficient quantity is virtually eliminated. We understand the importance of timely, accurate testing to help you provide your patients with the highest possible level of care. We communicate with our clients regularly, tailor our processes to meet their unique needs and are available to answer any questions about toxicology testing and how it works.

Turn Around Time:
2 Business Days

Toxicology and medication monitoring offers:
  • Minimal specimen volume requirement
  • Cost-effective individual test selection that supports choices based on medical necessity
  • Unsurpassed service and support