We strive to deliver clinical diagnostic testing services of the highest quality and are committed to ethical business practices.

In an effort to achieve a corporate culture of uncompromising integrity, which includes a strict adherence to all applicable federal, state and local laws, and regulations, Gibson Diagnostic Labs has a fully integrated formal Corporate Compliance Plan (the “Plan”). The Plan is available electronically to all team members.

The Plan:

  • Sets the Code of Conduct for our team members, contractors and agents.
  • Promotes our commitment to zero tolerance for non-compliant practices.
  • Works to detect and prevent fraud, waste and abuse in the Federal and state healthcare programs.
  • Designates a Compliance Officer responsible for the Plan.
  • Identifies the education and training programs available to team members in order to implement and maintain the Plan.
  • Promotes effective two-way communication with team members to ensure the Plan is effective and provides for anonymous reporting.
  • Outlines monitoring activities to ensure the Plan is effective.
  • Describes the potential disciplinary measures for violating the Code of Conduct, the Plan and/or policies.

Company Accountability

Harboring an atmosphere conducive to preventing, detecting, and reporting all unethical, non-compliant, or illegal conduct, which may be in violation of compliance standards and procedures.
Providing team members with training in applicable laws, regulations, policies and procedures.
Ensuring that immediate corrective action is taken when non-conformity is discovered.
Ensuring confidential communication and having a zero tolerance for retaliation.