Physician – Frequently Asked Questions

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We verify physician NPI numbers, PECOS registration, and an OIG exclusion check, at the time of on-boarding and every month going forward.

Client Services will set up a convenient day and time for on-site training so you and your staff are trained on how to submit orders, view results and order supplies.

Your account paperwork has a space to request a specimen collector. Please submit the form, and Client Services will let you know if you qualify and your state allows for one.

Please email Client Services at or call 855.890.9589.

Urine drug testing has been the preferred biologic specimen or gold standard for determining the presence or absence of most drugs since its inception. This is, in part, due to the increased window of detection of 24 to 72 hours for most drugs and/or their drug metabolites. Since urine specimens have a longer detection window this means that a patient’s usage can be detected for a longer duration of time. Drug metabolites are more frequently found in urine specimens; therefore, a urine drug testing lab can assist physicians in readily determining if their patients are staying compliant with prescribed medications and treatment plans.

Gibson Diagnostic Labs utilizes FedEx® as our express delivery service of choice.

Urine screening results are typically available within 1 business day of receipt of the specimen. Presumptive positive specimens are usually confirmed (unless they are “Screen Only”) within 2 business days, depending on the method.

Gibson Diagnostic Labs stores urine and nasal swabs, whether positive or negative, for 30 days.

LC-MS/MS is more sensitive and specific than the urinary point-of-care test. Drugs are separated along size and charge metrics. Both parent drugs and fragmented analytes are identified using the tandem mass spectrometer’s computer. From there, the information may be accessed at any time.

In contrast, point-of-care tests are immunoassays. They can lead to false positives and false negatives, especially in individuals with heterophile antibodies due to severe illnesses or autoimmune diseases. It is possible for those antibodies to impact the ways in which drugs “attach” themselves inside the body. Likewise, HAMA bodies, contracted by rodent bites, may lead to false positives and negatives.

Screening and confirmation testing are performed using different methodologies that necessitate different cutoff levels. The cutoff levels of an immunoassay screen are typically higher than those of a more sensitive LC-MS/MS confirmation test, because they screen for a larger group of parent compounds, metabolites and other structurally similar compounds.

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