Comprehensive Cardiovascular NGS Panel

Many patients with an inherited cardiovascular condition may have little to no symptoms, yet still be susceptible to heart disease, including cardiac arrest. Our Comprehensive Cardiovascular NGS Panel aids in the diagnosis of a variety of cardiovascular conditions and help confirm a clinical diagnosis, identify asymptomatic and at-risk family members, determine contributing factors, and provide management solutions, such as medications, lifestyle modifications, surgery, etc. Testing can also facilitate precautions and interventions to prevent illness or sudden death.

Turn Around Time:
3 weeks

Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy NGS Panel

Arrhythmogenic Right Ventricular Cardiomyopathy (ARVC) is a form of cardiomyopathy that targets the right ventricle and includes ventricular arrhythmias, typically in hearts with abnormal connective structures. Our ARVC NGS Panel examines over 40 genes that are known associates of hereditary ARVC and provides increased surveillance and preventative risk-management, such as lifestyle changes, medications, implantable devices, heart transplantation, etc.

Turn Around Time:
3-4 weeks

Consider being tested if these symptoms occur:
  • You have a personal or family history suggestive of ARVC.
  • Dizziness
  • Lightheadedness
  • Fainting
  • Heart failure